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Compiled by Bill Kochman

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October 29, 2002
April 29, 2024
697 Verse Lists

During the course of writing the many articles which appear on the Bill's Bible Basics website, I have personally compiled quite a few groups of related Bible verse lists on a wide range of topics. Taken from the Authorized King James Version of the Bible -- or AKJV -- you will find these Bible verse lists scattered throughout my articles and series.

These KJV -- King James Version -- Bible verse lists present you with some of the key elements of our Christian faith in a compact, easily accessible form, without you having the need to possess an in-depth knowledge of the Bible. In short, through these KJV Bible verse lists, I have done some of the research work for you, which will help you to save quite a bit of time and effort.

Perhaps you are wondering why I have taken the time to create these King James Version Bible verse lists in the first place. Well, as the Apostle Peter wrote almost 2,000 years ago :

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:"
1 Peter 3:15, KJV

What better way to answer someone, than with the straight Word of God. Not only will it feed His hungry sheep, but it is also a powerful Sword which will silence the adversary, or at least make him accountable for the Truth. It is God's Word which gives us the Authority for what we believe, as well as for what we teach and what we speak. In short, it is the very foundation of our faith. It is the Constitution of our Kingdom.

It is with great pleasure then, that I now share these precious Golden Nuggets from God's wonderful Word with you.

Please be advised that I am always updating these current KJV -- King James Version -- Bible verse lists, as well as creating new KJV Bible verse lists and study guides, as I continue to search the Scriptures daily and write new articles; so you will want to check back here periodically.

I pray that these KJV -- King James Version -- Bible verse lists will be a tremendous blessing in your life, and that perhaps you will even commit some of them to memory. Truly, there is nothing like His Word!

Enjoy studying God's Word!

Your fellowservant,
Bill Kochman

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Arranged in Alphabetical Order:

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A Day of Darkness

A Friend of Publicans, Harlots and Sinners

A House Divided

A Man Caught Up to Heaven

A Miserable World With No Hope

A Prophet Like unto Me

A Wise Man

A Woman's Appearance

Abide in Your Calling

Abomination of Desolation


Abraham the Babylonian From Ur

Abraham the Friend of God

Abundant Life Doctrine

According to Our Works

Adultery, Fornication, Marriage and Divorce

Aliens to God or Aliens to the World?

All Are Born in Sin

All These Things Shall Be Fulfilled

All Things Are Pure

Alpha and the Omega

Ancient of Days

Angelic Protection

Anointed and Unanointed Teachers of God's Word

Antichrist and Antichrists

Apostle Paul in Rome

Apostle Paul Persecuted the First Century Church

Apostle Paul's Approaching Death

Apostle Paul's Humility

Apostles Were Convinced Jesus Would Return Soon

Apostles' Signs and Wonders

Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat

As a Thief in the Night

Avoid Arguing

Avoid the Appearance of Evil

Avoid Unreceptive Reprobates

Azazel the Scapegoat and Fallen Angel

Babylon the Great


Baptism by Fire of the Holy Ghost

Battle of Armageddon

Battle of the Mind

Be Careful What You Ask For

Be Content With What You Have

Be Doers of the Word

Be Examples to Each Other

Be Happy

Be Honest With Yourself

Be Humble Before the Lord

Be Not Slothful in Business

Be Persuaded in Your Own Mind

Be Slow to Anger

Be Slow to Speak

Be Sober-Minded

Be Steadfast in the Faith

Be Strong in the Lord

Be Strong and of Good Courage

Be Ye Holy and Sanctified

Because They Have Forsaken Me

Before We Were Born

Behold, I Come Quickly


Beware of False Knowledge

Beware of the Praise of Men

Bible Prophecy Centers on Israel

Biblical Fasting

Blasphemy Against the Holy Ghost

Blasphemy of the Beast

Bless the Lord O My Soul

Blessed Are the Meek

Blessed Are the Merciful

Blood of Sprinkling

Boldly Preach the Gospel

Book of Life

Bought With a Price

Bow Before Jesus Only

Breath of Life

Brevity of Life

Broken Down the Middle Wall of Partition

Brotherly Christian Love

Brought Before Governors and Kings

Brightness of God the Father and Jesus Christ

Brothers and Sisters of Jesus

But They Refused to Listen

By Dry Land

By Sacrificial Service, Not by the Sword

By the Will of God

Cast into Outer Darkness

Celestial Trumpets

Celibacy vs. Marriage

Chaff of the Ungodly

Child Discipline and Obedience

Children by Adoption

Children of Disobedience

Children of God

Children of Light

Christ Died for Our Sins

Christian Communal Lifestyle

Christian in the Bible

Christian Servant's Attitude

Christianity is a Religion of Peace

Church Elders

Church in the Home

Circumcision is Not Necessary

Circumcision of the Heart

Cleansed and Made White Through Jesus

Cloudy Pillar and Pillar of Fire

Coming Comforter

Coming in the Clouds

Coming of the Lord

Common Trials and Temptations

Complaining and Murmuring

Condemnation, Damnation and Judgment

Contend for the Faith

Count the Cost

Cross of Christ

Crown of Life

Crucified With Christ

Crushing Rock and Rod of Iron

Cussing - Swearing

Cyrus the Great (Koresh)

Daily Serve the Lord

Dangers of Worldly Wisdom

David Has Slain His Ten Thousands

Dead Are Unconscious

Dead in Sins

Dead to the Law

Death and Burial of Moses

Death and Hell

Deception Super List

Delight Thyself in the Lord

Deliverance Through Faith and Obedience

Depart From Evil

Dependence Upon the Word

Desperate Prayer

Destruction of Herod's Temple

Different Names for the Gospel

Difficulty of Understanding the Scriptures

Divided by the Word of God

Divine Curses

Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures

Doctrinal and Spiritual Unity

Doctrines and Traditions of the Pharisees

Doctrines of the Sadducees

Dogs and Swine

Don't Be Ashamed of Your Faith

Don't Be Ashamed to Be Called a Christian

Don't Faint In Your Minds

Don't Fear What Man Can Do Unto You

Don't Harden Your Heart

Don't Provoke God to Anger

Don't Render Evil for Evil

Don't Touch God's Anointed

Don't Worry, Trust in the Lord

Drawn to Christ by the Father

Drinking Blood is Forbidden in the Bible


Eagles in the Bible

Earnest of the Spirit

Earth's Pillars and Foundations

Earthquakes in the Bible

Eat What is Set Before You

Eating Meat is Not a Sin

Effects of Out-of-This-World Encounters

Enticing, Deceitful Words

Eternal Now

Eunuchs for Jesus - Voluntary Celibacy

Eve's Transgression


Exhort One Another Daily and Faint Not

Facts About Mary Magdalene

Faith Tried in the Fire

Faithful in the Least

Fall Upon the Rock or Be Ground

Fallen Angels and Rebellious Sons of God

False Brethren

False Doctrine

False Gods of the Nations

False Jews and False Temple

False Jews and Jewish Usurpers

False Prophets

False Worship of the Heavens

Families Divided by Christ

Famines and Other Divine Curses

Famines in the Bible

Fear and Peace

Fear God

Fear of the Jews

Fear of the Lord

Feed God's Sheep


Fiery Destruction of the Wicked

Fiery Serpents

Filthy Lucre

First Century Church Prophets

First Last, and Last First

Firstfruits of the Resurrection

Fishers of Men

Flee From the Wrath to Come

Flee From Works of Darkness

Flee Youthful Lusts

Flesh or Spirit

Flesh Versus the Spirit

Flood of the Enemy

Foolish Rebellion of the Wicked

Foolishness of the World

Foolishness of Trusting in the Arm of Flesh

Fools for Christ

Fools Who Reject Counsel

For God's Pleasure

For Lack of Godly Wisdom

Forsaking All for Jesus Christ

Forsaking God's Mercy

Forgive One Another

Forgiveness of Sins Through Christ

Founded on Rock of the Word

Four Corners of the Earth

Four Spirits of Heaven

Free Through Jesus

Freely Share Words of Life

From Dust to Dust

Fruitful Branches

Futility of Hebrew Roots Quest

Galilean Invasion

Garment of Salvation, Robe of Righteousness

Giants in the Bible

Gift of God

Give an Account

Give Glory to God

Giving Thanks

Giving to and Supporting the Lord's Work

God and His Word Are Our Constant

God Causes Droughts

God Chooses Weak Things

God Controls Hearts

God Created the Heavens - Intelligent Design

God Creates and Uses Evil

God Does Not Afflict Willingly

God Doesn't Lie

God Doesn't Need or Require Church Buildings

God Gives the Increase

God is a Consuming Fire

God is a Great King

God is a Man of War

God is Great, the Great God

God is in Control

God is Light - Father of Lights

God is Our Only Deliverer

God is Our Potter

God is Our Rock

God is Slow to Anger

God is Wise

God Looks Upon Evil

God Made All Things

God of Gods

God of Peace

God Raises Up Leaders

God Sends the Rain

God Sent His Son into the World

God Sets His Love Upon Us

God Shakes the Earth

God Shall Wipe Away All Tears

God the Father is Jesus's God as Well

God Turns Away From Prayer

God Will Provide Our Needs

God Withholds Information

God Working in Us by His Spirit

God's Axe

God's Blessings Are Conditional

God's Desire for Healing and Repentance

God's Divine Mercy

God's Divine Protection

God's Foreknowledge

God's Glory and Shining Faces

God's Immigration System

God's Long-Range Plan

God's Longsuffering [Patience]

God's Love for Us

God's Loving Chastisements

God's Mighty Works

God's Ordained Marriage Plan

God's Patience With the Wicked

God's Promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

God's Righteous Judgments

God's Spotless Bride

God's Vengeance

God's Voice

God's Ways Are Past Finding Out

God's Wonderful Eternal Word

God's Word is a Healing Balm

God's Word Will Accomplish Its Purpose

Godly Exhortation

Godly Fear and Reverence

Good and Bad Stars in the Bible

Gospel First Given to the Jews

Gossip, Slander, Jewish Fables and Wives Tales

Grace of God

Guard Your Eyes From Evil

Guard Your Mind and Heart From Evil Thoughts

Hair and God's Protection

Happy is He, Happy Are Ye

Harpazo: Caught Up, Caught Away, Take by Force

Hated by the World

He That Endureth to the End

He Will Keep You from Falling

He Will Remember Our Sins No More

Healing in His Wings

Holy Angels and Sons of God

Holy Ghost Power and Witness

Holy Ghost vs. Holy Spirit

Holy of Holies - the Oracle

Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Beastiality and Transvestitism

Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother

Hypocrisy of the Jews

I Am He

I Am Well Pleased

I Come Quickly

I Cried unto the Lord

I Sent Them Not

I Shall Not Be Moved

I Will Bring Evil . . .

I Will Not Make a Full End

I Will Set My Face Against

Idols and Idolatry

Immediate Healing

Immutability of God's Word

Importance of Believing

Importance of Fellowship

In Jesus's Name

In the Multitude of Counsellors

Israelites Worshipped False Gods

Jealous God

Jebus = Jerusalem = Zion = City of David

Jeremiah the Weeping Prophet

Jesus and the Moneychangers

Jesus Became Heir to All Things

Jesus Bore Our Sins on the Cross

Jesus Came to Give Us Life

Jesus Came to Save Us

Jesus Comes in Great Power and Glory With the Angels

Jesus Comes with the Father

Jesus Denied and Betrayed

Jesus Died Once for All Men

Jesus Filled With the Spirit

Jesus Has Power Over Death and Hell

Jesus Hung on the Cross for Six Hours

Jesus is a Prince

Jesus is Our Friend

Jesus is Our Great Intercessor

Jesus is Our High Priest, and Priests

Jesus is Our Only Mediator

Jesus is Our Sabbath

Jesus is Seen After His Resurrection

Jesus is the Author of the New Covenant

Jesus is the Branch and Vine

Jesus is the Bread of Life

Jesus is the Door and the Strait Gate

Jesus is the Flame, and Ministering Spirits

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Jesus is the Head of the Church

Jesus is the Lamb of God

Jesus is the Last Adam

Jesus is the Light of the World

Jesus is the Rejected Cornerstone

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life

Jesus is the Son of David

Jesus is the Son of God

Jesus is the Truth

Jesus Leads the Way

Jesus Loved High Mountains

Jesus Protected and Power of Darkness

Jesus Returned During the First Century

Jesus Silences His Enemies

Jesus Teaching in the Temple

Jesus Was, and Is, Without Sin

Jesus's Divine Authority From Heaven

Jesus's Global Vision

Jesus's Mighty Works

Jesus's Power on Earth

Jesus's Transfiguration

Jesus's Unexpected Return

Jewish Council of Seventy - Sanhedrin

Jewish False Prophets, Sorcerers and Exorcists

Jonah and Jesus

Joy in the Morning

Joy of the Lord

Joyful Noise to the Lord

Judas Iscariot the Traitor

Judge Not Fallacy

Judging or Questioning God

Justified and Made Righteous Through Jesus

Keep the Heavenly Vision

Keeping Promises - Doublemindedness

Laborers and Their Reward

Lake of Fire

Laying on of Hands

Learn from the Past

Led and Guided by the Lord

Led by the Spirit in Our Understanding

Lie in Wait to Deceive

Life or Death and Blessing or Curse

Life-Giving Spirit

Lift Up Hands in Praise

Lift Up Your Brother

Lions: Jacob, Israel, Judah, Jesus

Look Forward and Stay on the Path

Lost Sheep Found by the Good Shepherd

Love: The Greatest of These

Love Forgiveness and Mercy

Love the Unlovely

Lovers of Darkness

Lying Spirit of Antichrist

Lying Spirits

Man Worship - Personality Cult Worship

Mark of the Beast

Married to Jesus

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Mass Deception


Meditate on the Word

Menpleasers and Lip Service

Messianic Prophecies

Ministry of Teaching

Moon Shall Turn into Blood

More Than Conquerors

Morning Prayer

Mosaic Law on Charging Interest

Mosaic Law Reveals Sinful Nature

Mosaic Law Was Only for the Children of Israel

Moses, Jethro [Reuel] and Zipporah

Mount Moriah - My Holy Mountain

Mount of Olives and Olive Trees

Mount Up With Wings As Eagles

Mount Zion and New Jerusalem

Murderers of the Prophets

Mystery of Melchizedek

Necromancy and Spiritism

New Heavens and New Earth

New Jerusalem the Heavenly City

No Man Has Seen God at Any Time

No Other Foundation But Jesus

No Other Gods

No Peace for the Sea of the Wicked

No Peaceful Coexistence Between Believers and Nonbelievers

No Respect of Persons (Impartiality)

No Righteousness of Our Own

Not All Sins Are the Same

Not Yet Able to Bear

Now is the Time

Obey the Powers That Be

Obey the Voice of the Lord

Of No Reputation

Offended by the Word

Old Man Versus New Man

Old Wine and New Wine

On the Right Hand of God

One Blood Through Faith in Christ

One Body But Many Members

One Flesh: Heterosexual Marriage Only

Only Eight Survivors

Only One God

Openly Preach the Gospel

Oppression of the Poor

Our Blessed Hope: Eternal Life

Our Christian Profession

Our Coming Reward

Our Core Belief

Our Everlasting God

Our Great Commission

Our Invisible Nation

Our Precious Promise

Our Resurrected Bodies

Our Sins Separate Us From God

Our Sins Won't Remain Hidden

Our Spiritual Warfare

Our True Spiritual Temple

Our Victory Through Christ

Out of Body Experiences

Patiently Endure Persecution and Tribulation

Paul: Apostle to the Gentiles

Paul the Pharisee

Peace With God Through Christ

People As Trees

Peacemakers or Warmongers

Perfect and Complete in God's Love

Persecuted for Our Faith

Persecution of the First Century Church

Peter, James and John

Peter is Cephas

Plagues of the Apocalypse

Planets in the Bible

Polluted With Idols

Polygamy or One Wife?

Power of God's Word

Praise the Lord

Pray for Whom?


Prayers of Jesus

Predestinated and Chosen

Price of Discipleship

Pride and Humility


Promise of Eternal Life

Promise of the Spirit

Prophesied Destruction of Jewish Temple

Puffed Up With Knowledge

Purpose of Unleavened Bread

Put My Words in Thy Mouth

Queen of Heaven

Racism and Prejudice

Raging in the Streets

Rebuke is a Form of Love

Rebuke Wayward Brethren

Reconciliation, Redemption and Restitution

Red Sea Divided

Redeem the Time

Rejoice in Trials and Tribulations


Reprobate Minds

Reprove and Rebuke

Resist the Devil

Respect for Spiritual Elders

Resurrection and Rapture

Resurrection of Life or Damnation

Return unto Me

Revelation of Jesus Christ

Righteousness Exalts a Nation

Run the Race With Patience

Sacrifice of Love

Salvation is Free Through Christ

Salvation is Offered to All Men

Satan : False God of This World

Satan : False God, Liar and Deceiver

Satan the Destroyer

Satan the Serpent and Red Dragon

Satan's "If"

Satan's Creepy Crawlies

Satan's Fall From Grace

Satan's Names and Titles

Scoffers and Reprobates

Seal of God

Sects and Heresies

Secular Humanism

Seek God With a Whole Heart

Seven Angels

Seventy Years of Captivity

Shall No Sign Be Given

Share the Good News, Not the Bad News

Sharing and God's Financial Plan

She Brought Forth a Man Child

Sifted by Satan

Signs and Lying Wonders

Simplicity of the Gospel

Six Hundred Thousand Footmen Strong

Signs in the Heavens

Skepticism of the Jews

Slavery Under the Levitical Law

Snake Oil Prosperity Preachers

Snare of Riches

Snare of the Fowler

Son of Perdition, Perdition, Destruction

Soul Food

Soul Harvest

Sow to the Spirit

Speak the Truth

Speaking in Tongues

Spirit of Cain is Spirit of Satan

Spirit of Christ Dwells in Us

Spirit of Promise

Spirit of Truth

Spiritual Blindness

Spiritual Famine for Word of God

Spiritual Growth and Maturity

Spiritual Princes in the Bible

Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

Spoken in Parables

Stand Fast in the Faith

Stand With God No Matter What

Strangers and Pilgrims

Strive for Your Crown of Life

Strong Delusion

Strong Meat Is Not for Babes


Study and Knowledge

Study the Word

Sudden Destruction in One Hour

Suffer for the Cause of Christ

Suffer the Little Children

Sufferings of Christ

Sure Word of Prophecy

Sword and Fire of God's Word

Sword of the Spirit

Symbolic Trees and Branches

Tables of Stone and Tables of Flesh

Taking Brethren to Court

Taught by No Man

Taught by Revelation of the Holy Spirit

Temple of God in Heaven

Ten Plagues of Egypt

Test Doctrines for Scriptural Validity

The Beast and the False Prophet

The Bottomless Pit

The Earth is the Lord's

The Faith of Abraham

The Glory of the Father

The Glory Which Shall Be Revealed

The Gospel of Apostle Paul

The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Gospel of Christ

The Gospel of God

The Just Shall Live by Faith

The Last Day

The Last Days

The Last Supper

The Last Trump

The Law and the Prophets

The Lord, Lord Group

The LORD Does Not Change

The LORD is Good

The LORD is Our Strong High Tower

The LORD Reigneth

The Meat of God's Word

The Mystery of God

The Second Death

The Seventh Day Sabbath

The Sin of Moses and Aaron

The Sky and Outer Space

The Stranger That Sojourneth Among You

The Ten Horns

The Ten Toes

The Time is at Hand

The Time of the Beast

The Time of the End

The Twelve Apostles

Thieves and Robbers

Thou Shalt Not Muzzle the Ox

Three Days and Three Nights

Throne of David Prophecies

Throne of God, and of the Lamb

Thy Kingdom Come

To Reject Jesus is to Reject God the Father

Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed

Treasure of God's Word

True Children of Abraham

True Prophets of God

True Stars of Abraham

Turn the Other Cheek

Two Masters

Unbelieving Jews Are Antichrist

Unbelieving Jews Killed Jesus

Unbelieving Jews Tempt Jesus

Unbelieving Reprobates

Unclean Spirits

Uncleanliness of Pork and Pigs

Universal Nature of Salvation Plan

Universal Reconciliation - Universal Atonement

Verbally Confess Christ

Voices From Heaven

Vows of a Nazarite

Wages of Sin is Death

Wait with Patience Hope and Faith

Walk by Faith Not by Sight

Walk in the Light

Walk Worthy of Your Vocation

Washed and Renewed Mind

Washed in the Blood of the Lamb

Watch and Pray

Water of Life

Waters of Meribah, Waters of Strife

We Are God's Sheep

We Are His Forever

We Don't Get What We Deserve

We Have Passed from Death unto Life

We Reap What We Sow

We Shall Overcome

Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

Weirdy Beardies

Wellspring of Life

What the World Offers is Crap

When Your Good is Evil Spoken Of

Whether We Live or Die

Who Are the Twenty-Four Elders?

Why Poisonous Snakes Spiders and Scorpions?

Wicked Heart of Man

Will of God

Willful Ignorance

Winds Symbolize Spiritual Forces

Winged Cherubs, Cherubims and Angels

Wisdom of God's Spirit

With God All Things Are Possible

With His Stripes We Are Healed

Without Spot and Blameless

Woe to the Bloody City!

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Women Submit and Be Silent


Wrath of God

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